Automated recovery for batch reduces recovery time and complexity

If you're struggling with the time-consuming and error-prone nature of manual file recovery for batch abends, then SYSB-AJR can help. SYSB-AJR is mainframe software that starts automated recovery for your VSAM files immediately after an abend.

With SYSB-AJR, organizations can:

  • Automatically restore VSAM files to the preupdate versions as soon as a batch job abends.
  • End manual decision-making about which updates to back out, which is important because the manual process is difficult and prone to errors.
  • Reduce intervention time and stress on employees, who can spend hours recovering manually.
  • Restore test environments easily to be prepared to retest more quickly.
  • Minimize the need to do file backups so you can restore files if a batch job abends.

SYSB-AJR provides simple, worry-free recovery

SYSB-AJR is based on the proven recovery functionality already found in H&W's industry-leading SYSB-II software, but it works with native batch, or batch that isn't sharing VSAM files with CICS. SYSB-AJR automatically restores the VSAM files to the prebatch job or step status by backing out only the records that batch modified before the abend. Traditionally, you had to determine manually which files to recover – and where to recover in multi-step processes – and then restore many or all of the files before restarting the batch jobs.

Easily implement for a quick win

SYSB-AJR typically takes only a few hours to install, and H&W is ready to help.

  • Set up recovery easily using the control file, a method that is time efficient even for large numbers of batch jobs with many steps each.
  • Implement without making source-code changes to your batch programs or JCL, making implementation seamless to your existing applications.
  • Use SMS-managed or non-SMS-managed data sets for journaling. Integrate easily using existing skill sets to avoid retraining.