SYSB-AJR pricing and licensing options overview

H&W's subscription licensing options for SYSB-AJR provide flexibility and value for every data-center environment.

Subscription licensing allows organizations to pay for their software usage on a monthly basis versus the traditional method of paying the entire license fee up front. With subscription-based pricing, you pay a small, up-front fee and then a monthly charge based on the licensed capacity. This price includes the right to use SYSB-AJR, as well as access to H&W technical support, maintenance, and new releases for the subscription period.

H&W's subscription licensing options consist of:

  • Subcapacity licensing for z/OS
  • Full CEC licensing for z/OS


Subcapacity licensing allows you to license H&W's SYSB-AJR at a subset level of the full CEC. The subcapacity price is based on the capacity of the logical partition (LPAR) in which the product is installed. LPAR capacity is determined by measuring the highest rolling four-hour average usage of the LPAR each month, which follows IBM's standard for subcapacity usage. Monthly variations in LPAR usage above the licensed capacity may result in changes in software billing.

Full CEC

Full CEC licensing is a license model similar to IBM's PSLC model in which pricing is based on the rated capacity of the machines on which SYSB-AJR runs. The model offers you the flexibility to manage your SYSB-AJR-related workload on the entire CEC.

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